Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Looking at Melly's House part 3: Entryway and Living Room

Melly's stained glass is extraordinary, and is featured in nearly every room.  It's even hidden in an airing cupboard.  Here it is casting its glow in the front entryway, an otherwise windowless corridor.

As a skylight,

Stained glass brings light from the top of the house down through the staircase to spill on to the entry hall.

The Front Door

It takes the form of an iris with the proportions of an angel in the living room.
  Count the different shades and textures of green.

The Study Downstairs:

Beautifully rare blue bits of glass

Book cupboard doors are clear, but no less beautiful.


Sean Bentley said...

Lovely - I didn't know there was such a variety and multitude of them!

RobinB said...
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RobinB said...

Sometimes looking at the small things really pays off!