Monday, August 9, 2010

Pole Dancer

I'm still here! Just sort of enjoying the summer and redirecting energy toward Sustainable Bellevue and a Community Faire for Newport Hills.

This is Piper in full hiphop regalia--the "pi" sign on her shirt is her dancer-nym, courtesy of teacher Matt.

Unfortunately, the barber who has had his shop next to the dance studio for as long as I've lived here, has decided to move on. The Red Apple businesses continue to close, with a rumor that our beloved Sahara Pizza is next for the chop.

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Heidi said...

I love your daughter's shirt- cute!

As for Sahara Pizza, I had several interesting conversations with Neil (manager) while out procuring car show sponsorships. Indeed, if they have another month where they lose money, they will have to close their doors. The loss of the Red Apple and the Newport Hills pharmacy had a tremendously negative impact on their business. Neil reports that residents are "nickle & diming" them to death even when they are using coupons wherein Sahara makes less than $1 on the pizza. Neil is VERY bright and had some fantastic ideas for businesses and how to revitalize the shopping center. These were much better ideas than what I've heard thrown around at the last few club meetings. He's too busy with the shop to attend the meetings but I'm putting him in touch with Tom Boydell at the city in the hopes that *someone* will listen to him. His ideas are more immediate than the feasibility study that's been talked about. By the time that's completed Sahara Pizza could be a distant memory.