Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The End of Nature II: Westfield Park

Westfield Park belongs to the newer subdivision to the west of Newport Hills Park. It came in at the behest of the City, who required parks to be a part of all new development in Belleue. In our case these houses were built on grassy farmland and small ranches with llamas and horses. Though it may have been the City's intention that these parks be public, these parks are definitely not open to anyone but the homeowners.

As the sign says, with rather ragged punctuation:
This park and it's play facility, is for use ONLY by the Homeowners' of Westfield
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A lonely park, one which doesn't allow children under 10 unless supervised by an adult.

A sad little park, where "no organized sport event, including, practices, are not allowed in the park" What about disorganized sport events?

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T. Clear said...

Heaven forbid someone comes along and messes up the park!