Monday, June 15, 2009

Bellevue Farmer's Market

Where can you find a Brandywine the size of your head? Boxcar Willies, or Black Krims? Where can you be inspired to grow them yourself? How about a fresh 5.00 bouquet of red, white and blue fireworks?

The Bellevue Farmers Market is now open at a fresh new location:

410 Bellevue Way NE across from Bellevue Square (free parking) in the old Safeway parking lot from 3-7pm Thursdays and they're adding a new time which will help ease some of the traffic congestion surrounding the Thursday rush hour time slot:

Saturdays 9-2pm June 6-November 21

There are lots of flower stalls which offer the best deals in the entire Bellevue downtown area. $5.00 a bunch! These are gorgeous flowers, absolutely fresh and beautifully put together by very friendly ladies.

As we all know, prices can seem kind of crazy at Farmers Markets. My understanding, however, is that the farmers don't really make much money off them. So support what you can afford, enjoy talking to the producers and sampling their wares, soak up the wonderful sights and smells.
I witnessed one of these heirloom tomatoes sell for $7.78. Another family spent over 10.00 for one "Mortgage Lifter". It's fun just to watch the spectacle as people get caught up in the circus-like atmosphere of farmers hawking their wares. And fishermen, nutbutter makers and toffee bakers. Oh my.

Then there's the best cheese on the planet. Seriously. Try the Valley Girl. Or Crush--a wonderfully strong cheese rolled in crushed grapes from the farmers nearby. In all, they have something like 124 cheeses which they offer on a rotating basis.
River Valley Cheese


Premium T. said...

So, how much does one of those tomatoes actually cost? How much does one weigh?!

RobinB said...

So if they're 5.25 per pound and they paid over 10.00 for just one then it was a two pounder. Like a two pound pumpkin.

Lora said...

I have been noticing prices at our farmer's markets lately! They are thru the roof!
In years past I was able to buy a weeks worth of produce for $15 or so and now it seems that everything is $5 a pound.

But you're right, support within individual limits is CRUCIAL for these sorts of things

RobinB said...

Hi Lora!
I'm pampering my little patio tomatoes in the hopes that they'll save me big bucks down the line...

Lora said...

How are the tomatoes coming along? Mine are inside my house because of the darn birds that are eating everything this year! No blossoms yet, but the plants are huge!

I wanted to thank you for your comment on the Urbanity blog. I totally get you too. I love your pictures. I love seeing how you see the things that surround you. It tells so much about your heart.

I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true!